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The R T A, Layabouts, Fascist Public Servants, Get the chop they deserve.

Vest at - 2 days ago
A GREAT write up in the Monday July 18, Sydney Daily Telegraph, pages 4-5. Explains the past and present short-comings of this unpalatable bunch of public servants, who until recently have enjoyed Carte Blanche among their 7,000 members, The former State Labour Govt could not deal with the RTA's unconditional authority as much as they tried.(union pressure) However the new Lib State Govt are having no qualms about sorting out the deadwood from these under utilized sedentary bludgers. Reports last week of people being laid off with a 10,000 dollar redundancy payment, having been pai...

Creator vs. Curator (Lisa Ding) at Blogger Buzz - 2 days ago
Post by Lisa Ding, Community Manager Of the blogs that I read every day, more than half are blogs that link me to news articles, websites, or other blog posts on the web. It used to be that bloggers were expected to write original content. While original content remains highly valued by many readers, it's no longer taboo to simply share things that you find elsewhere on the Internet. Followers will read your blog to see the great content that you surface. Essentially, every blog can be a small gallery of a blogger’s interests and taste. One of my go-to blogs for Internet trends is ...


Margie at WHEN THE HEART SPEAKS! - 2 days ago
I understand the seasons now I know their shades are varied moods and knowing savor each in turn ... The lightning, sudden frightening bolts of brightness ... let it come ... for this is beauty deepest mood that complements the peaceful days ... Then let it pass, let winds blow soft and brush my cheek with moistened lips ... for this is beauty, deepest calm that complements the stormy days ... Let each shade color me in turn, the red, the blue the purple days for I would know the shades of each yet be the color of the whole.

Real Men with hair Go to a Barber shop

Vest at - 3 days ago
The wind and the bucketing rain was ignored until I arose at 9-20Am this winters morn,. definitely differing from yesterdays sunny and warmer day, when I rose early for my pre spring shearing at our local barber shop. The three minute walk stretched to twenty by gassing with neighbours on the way. There are several shearing sheds around the area I live , in the main they are dominated by shearing Sheila's where the customers are mostly women. Men can expect to pay around twenty five bucks for a short back and sides if they dare sit among leering women who consider it their ordained ...

PRES OBAMA An ARAB and could be Related to JESUS.

Vest at - 5 days ago
"COR BLIMEY" who wants to be an ARAB ? Is OBAMA the real. OSAMA under cover. PASS THIS ON. This Guy must be exposed. Is OBAMA a resurrected JESUS ?

To: Subject: Fw: Iceland's Volcanic Eruption vs Control of CO2 Emissions !!!!!

Vest at - 5 days ago
Info forwarded from Stan our man and D/G and KGV Assoc. *-------Original Message-------* *From:* *Date:* 7/17/2011 5:43:20 AM *To:* *Subject:* Fw: Iceland's Volcanic Eruption vs Control of CO2 Emissions !!!!! Ian Rutherford Plimer (born 12 February 1946) is an Australian geologist, academic and businessman, and professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide . You will appreciate his take on climate change (aka: global warming). Professor Ian Plimer could not have said it better! If you've read his book you will agree, this is a good summary. Are you sitting down? Okay,...

It has happened Again.

Vest at - 1 week ago
It has happened again. The people at number nine have cut across our frontage and have crashed into the ditch. Our box trailer strategically placed prevents people in number 13 from doing the same , their frontage is looking like a Quagmire. Call me what you wish, but I refuse to move our trailer, plus they haven't apologised for blocking my driveway so I am stuck at home too. The NRMA truck is now in attendance, So stuff them. Better still Bollocks.

Why do you blog? (Lisa Ding) at Blogger Buzz - 1 week ago
Posted by Inci Atrek, User Education Specialist Hi Bloggers, At the beginning, life can seem a bit lonely in the blogosphere, so kudos to you for taking that first step and starting a blog. Whether your purpose has evolved over the years or you’ve stuck around for the same reasons that got you started, we truly enjoyed reading your responses to our #bloggerasks tweet on why you blog. @CprincessUK broke it down in list form, music blogger @LinerNotes crafted a mission statement, and @fortnow blogged about blogging for Blogger’s 10th anniversary. Others of you kept your raison d’êtr...

Daily Gaggle Post number 850. And Eighty Five Today 16-7-26 to16-7-2011..

Vest at - 1 week ago
Suddenly I am Eighty Five, Fifteen beyond the allotted three score and ten, doesn't time fly. Time flies like an arrow some say, mind you up North in in Queensland, it's - Fruit flies like a Banana. I believe it is our bodies which age with time. Just thinking a few moments ago of the time I was fishing for sticklebacks in the brook at Chalgrove eighty years back, don't think the local kids can do this anymore, because when I was back there in 2009, I noticed the flood gate was permanently open allowing the water formerly powering the mill from the back brook to increase the flow of ...

Update on Browser Support (Brett Wiltshire) at Blogger Buzz - 1 week ago
Posted by Brett Wiltshire, Product Operations Our team has been thinking a lot recently about browser support, and wanted to make you aware of our new plan moving forward. For web applications like Blogger to continue to evolve at a rapid pace, our engineering team needs to make use of new capabilities available in modern browsers. For example, Dynamic Views, which we previewed in March, and Web Fonts both require advanced browsers that support HTML5. Older browsers just aren’t able to provide you with the same high-quality experience. For this reason, starting next month


Margie at WHEN THE HEART SPEAKS! - 1 week ago
*So many ask ... "Where has the summer gone ?"* *with lovely days and beauty everywhere ...* *We never hear ... "Where has the winter gone?"* *It hasn't - it stays till spring is here ...* *Why is happiness as brief as a song* *When grief and sorrow are so very long?*

Fashion blogs on Blogger (Lisa Ding) at Blogger Buzz - 1 week ago
Posted by Lisa Ding, Community Manager I wouldn’t consider myself a “fashionista,” but I do follow a good fashion blog or two. Aside from The Sartorialist, which is one of the most frequently-viewed blogs on Blogger, I’m an avid follower of The Man Repeller. The blog is filled with photos of beautiful clothes, and I love the sassy attitude of Miss Man Repeller herself. This lady really seems to embrace the phrase “dressing for other girls.” Men, don’t worry about it. There are quite a few popular fashion blogs on Blogger, but one thing that I’ve noticed many have in common is the ...

The New BURQA... Video

Vest at - 1 week ago
The New Burqa Video is available on receipt of your email address. Send to This movie is cool.

Hokey Pokey

Vest at - 1 week ago
With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment it is worth retlecting on the death of a very important person which went almost -unnoticed last week, : Larrv La Prise. the person who wrote the "Hoky Pokey" died peaceful1y recently. *Getting him in his coffin was a disaster.they put the left foot in and the right came out. Then they turned around. did the hokey pokey amd slammed the lid shut.* >83 :-., :> -~~,. The nlost traumatIC part for hIS fan-lily \/vas getling hini into the coffin :> >. :> put Ilis left leg in -and things just started to go dOvVllh...


Margie at WHEN THE HEART SPEAKS! - 1 week ago
Sweetheart, you are more to me than dearness ... more than love and yet these two are inseparably bound in every thought and concept I have of you ... In your fleeting smile and in the sweeter sound of your lyrical voice in every strand of hair that frames those calm and ever comprehending eyes that see within my very soul and you understand and empathize ... ________________________________ (Thank you, dearest!) (I love you!)


Vest at - 2 weeks ago
ISLAM. A source of Lies, Laggardness and deceit, lacking in Morals and Equality. When in my youth I was given stern advice by more seasoned sailors before going ashore in Egypt, 'Never trust an Arab". "They'll Strip you clean, skin you and nick your last akker (piastre)" And for those more moderate and sociable people whom I encountered, such as those in the former colonies of Malaya and Singapore where this cap doesn't fit in its apologies. BOAT PEOPLE. These International Bludgers should be afforded the minimum of subsistence and no more, Most of them are th...


Vest at - 2 weeks ago
Start reading this saga from two posts back ISRAEL IS SIXTY THREE YEARS OLD AT MIDNIGHT on the 14Th day of the merry month of May in 1948, the British Mandate of Palestine became the State of Israel. From that time onward to the present, it has been engaged in bitter conflict with its Arab neighbours. Never before in the history of Great Britain has such joy been experienced by the ceding of Palestine to its new mob of incompetent administrators. Israel 's citizens did a count down at midnight last May14 to celebrate the 63rd year of the state of Israel , But sadly the rest of ...

Meet Bruce, Blogger PM (Lisa Ding) at Blogger Buzz - 2 weeks ago
Posted by Bruce Polderman, Product Manager Hello Bloggers! I’m relatively new to the Blogger team, but have been a Product Manager on Google’s “Geo” team since 2006, specifically for the Google 3D Warehouse. Product Managers work closely with software engineers, designers, and marketing to establish product requirements and define product features. What initially attracted me to Blogger was the impact that it has on people’s lives. Blogs, by their very nature, enable people to express themselves. Some blogs attract our readership from an intellectual perspective, some for their e...

THE HOLY LAND ! Or what?

Vest at - 2 weeks ago
ISRAEL may struggle for peace, but its Sex Trade is Flourishing, The Daily Gaggle reports From the HOLY LAND? Yitzhak was lucky to get the parking spot along Tel Aviv's fashionable Ben Yehuda Street. It was after all Thursday night and the traffic was bustling. Rolling up the windows of his Ford Sierra, he tossed his newspaper in the child's seat; pulled out his phone and called his home. " Hi Honey, I'm just going to pick up some groceries and head home". then walking passed the flower shop and the supermarket he he headed into a seemingly innocuous apartment building procl...

Fella's with Big Smella's sentence Dog to death by Stoning..

Vest at - 2 weeks ago
IF it isn't those Jihad goons or archaic Qoran cuckoos stoning their so called adulterers to death, we have instead those sharp beaked biblical bozo's from the 'Wailing wallers' team of stoners trying to outsmart their old enemy the Palestinian rock chuckers. It would seem that, the adultery thingy is not frowned upon as much as in the past with the vast number of Cat houses in the Promised land now into the thousands. Opportunities for a jolly good stoning are few these days. Rabbis are now too busily Bonking to be tied down to traditional ethics, Rabbi's er (Jewish Vicars or sumfin...
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