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Search for 'H1B official website' on Google. Some Anti-Outsourcing group has, using SEO and google bombing techniques, made a anti-outsourcing website, the Number one result in the Google Result Page. The said website, [send them] (and please don't link to it), starts with ..."

Are you sick and tired of seeing your country turned into a Third World sewer by immigration? Are you tired of seeing your standard of living drop and our jobs exported to China? Are you tired of armies of H1B workers being imported from India to take what few jobs we have left?

Are you tired of having to skip 1 for Spanish and 2 for Chinese? Are you tired of pressing 3 for English and getting a receptionist who barely speaks it?".This is a kind of hate website, but google will not ban it from its serp, since it is apparetly not spamming. Since google display the results based on an algorithm, it is easy for us, IT workers to beat this website in their own game.

What we can at least do is try to beat this website from at least the number one spot on the Google Search Engine Result Page, with a little SEO. Search Engine Optimisation, for those came in late.One very basic technique is to link the genuine H1B websites with the anchor text as 'H1B official website' .Below is a list of the other seach results on google search results page.

If you are a blogger, please provide hyperlink to the links below with the anchor text 'H1B official website' a blog post on H1B and link to the above websites, with the anchor text, 'H1B official website'. I suggest that you link to these sites on your home page, on the sidebar or the footer also.It will take only a few minutes..Please spread the word.Many of the Indian Blogger are from the IT industry, and I hope it will be pretty easy to unrank this website.Are you game for it?Start Spreading the word.Fast!!!And the Link should look this:1. H1B official website2. H1B official website 3. H1B official website4. H1b Official WebsiteAnd please don't hyperlink to [send themback.or g], the link will make our effort futile...Timesofindia story on the same.


H-1B visa

The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa in the United States under the Immigration & Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15)(H). It allows U.S. employers to employ foreign guest workers skilled in specialty occupations - regardless of whether qualified U.S. citizens or residents are available to fill these jobs. [1]

The regulations define a “specialty occupation” as requiring theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge in a field of human endeavor including, but not limited to, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine and health, education, law, accounting, business specialties, theology, and the arts, and requiring the attainment of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as a minimum. Likewise, the foreign worker must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and state licensure, if required to practice in that field. H-1B work-authorization is strictly limited to employment by the sponsoring employer - except that many H-1B work for bodyshops who then place them with third party employers.

1 Duration of Stay
2 Congressional Yearly Numerical Cap
3 Employer Attestations to Protect U.S. Workers
4 H-1B Fees Earmarked for U.S. Worker Education and Training
5 Taxation status of H-1B workers
6 H-1B employment
7 U.S. policy on maximum duration
8 H-1B and legal immigration
9 Quotas and changes in quotas
10 H-1B-dependent employers
11 Criticisms of the Program
11.1 Guy Santiglia v. Sun Microsystems
12 Criticisms by H-1B holders
12.1 Payment of in-state tuition
12.2 Taxation
12.3 Spouses cannot work
12.4 An H-1B Worker Faces Additional Obstacles at His/Her Workplace
13 Worker protection and law enforcement
14 Recent changes to U.S. law
15 Similar programs
16 Dependents of H-1B visa holders
17 H-1B demographics
18 Usage of H-1B by outsourcing firms
19 Top ten H-1B rankings
20 References
21 Notes
22 See also
23 External links for H-1B information
23.1 Abuse of the H-1B Program
23.2 Advocacy efforts


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