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Yeh coding kaise hota hai?

Despite the big numbers, however, nearly all of the American managers have always considered the ISO 9001 with hatred, taking it as another 'European barrier' to do business in the Old Continent. First of all, to quote the American consultant and author Helen Gillespie “if you are like normal people, you will read the standard and still not understand what it is”; and neither entrepreneurs nor managers do like things they do not understand. Moreover, due to the reasons mentioned above, they had to get their companies certified nonetheless; hence, they urgently requested consulting and training services to individuals and consulting companies to implement the standard, get certified and go ahead doing “business as usual”.

American vs Japanese Management

US to create 'risk assessments' of air passengers
Tom Espiner ZDNet UK
Published: 05 Dec 2006 12:45 GMT

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has implemented a data-mining scheme for all passengers travelling to the US, including travellers from the European Union.
The Automated Targeting Scheme (ATS) is a data-mining system that will let the agency create "risk assessments" of tens of millions of travellers. The information will be held for 40 years, and even US citizens will have no right to view those risk assessments.,1000000189,39284987,00.htm

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